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Piano tuning

A few piano tuning tips

Hiring a piano tuner can be a very annoying expenditure for someone that counts every penny. On the other hand, this instrument needs to be taking care of quite frequently…


A few myths about rust protection

Is there anything worse than hearing people spread rumors that you know are false? Well, it’s even worse if you are misinformed yourself, as it will lead to poor consumer…


Installing your gazebo with a pathway

In Quebec, everybody is getting very enthusiastic because of the hot weather. Sales of gazebos and solariums will start spiking and these beautiful shelters will once again populate the gardens….

Stressed person

The benefits of sport on your well-being

Physical inactivity has never been more of a problem than it is right now. In the United States, it is said than 2/3 people with age over 20 are currently…

Gym and injuries

How to avoid injuries at the gym

Buying a membership card at a gym in your neighborhood is an excellent idea to get in shape. By practicing several times a week you prevent your body from developing…

ancient jewelry

The history if jewelry

The art of jewelry is somehow as old as the world. In history, we find in the most ancient peoples used to adorn themselves with jewelry made of precious metals,…

glass tinting

The risks of glass tinting

When summer time is coming, we can observe a lot of posts in newspapers dealing with glass tinting and warnings from the police. Since a few years now, garages and…

Wall moulding

Decorative mouldings for walls and ceilings

Decorative moldings for doors, walls and ceilings are increasingly present in the interiors decoration. The arrival on the market of wood fiber moldings and polyurethane moldings revived general interest in…


Four sources of funding for the acquisition of a business

The buyers rarely have sufficient capital to perform a substantial funds in a buyout . Fortunately, there are many financial tools that can help them to complete a transaction. Down…

Cyclonic central vacuum

What is a central vacuum?

We have been keeping our houses clean since the beginning of time. It is absolutely necessary to remove dust and dirt in order to avoid the development of diseases and,…

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